Role Of AI In India's Rural Fintech Growth

Day-To-day Banking

94% of Indian financial CXOs believe in GenAI's role in customer experience improvement, with 74% acknowledging its cost-saving potential.

Customer Onboarding

49% of global banking leaders foresee GenAI transforming new customer onboarding, saving over 29 million hours and cutting costs by 20-50%.


68% of global retail and commercial banks are actively investing in advanced human-like chatbots, aiming to enhance personalized customer experiences on their platforms.

Fraud Detection & Risk Management

By 2027, AI expected to save $10.4 Bn in fraud detection. GenAI improves risk readiness for products like agricultural loans. It analyzes Earth observation data for better crop predictions.

Digital Lending

GenAI helps banks offer personalized farm loans: Analyze income, weather, and even predict defaults for better rural lending! 

Digital Insurance

GenAl can slash claim processing time by up to 40% with Al's intelligent monitoring and settlement.

State Of Indian Fintech Report Q4 2023, InFocus: Rural Fintech