QX Lab AI's Mission To Normalize AI For Indians

AI For India

QX Lab AI is an artificial intelligence, GenAI-based company, which aims to advance AI capabilities by enhancing human-AI interactions. 


QX Lab AI stands out with neurologically trained algorithms in 100+ languages, a hybrid model (70% NN, 30% LLM), and cost-effectiveness ($1 premium plan). 

Distinct Products

Ask QX offers Creative Mode for inspiration, Standard Mode for daily tasks, and Professional Mode for tailored expert advice, catering to diverse user needs.

Monetisation Strategy

Founders want to start charging users once the product is ready. Currently, the focus is on product development. However, they will launch the subscription plan priced at $1 this year itself.

Future Plans

As of now, the startup wants to go beyond the B2C model and is looking to launch a B2B product in the second quarter of 2024. For this, the company is considering partnering with enterprises such as healthcare, and education, among others.

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