How Pune- based Startup Quintrans Is Bringing Hyperloop To India?

Idea Genesis

Quintrans, once a research unit, draws insights from Musk's Hyperloop, currently building a Hyperloop for India. Its technology garners attention from companies like IBM India, Festo India, and Aeron Systems, providing ongoing financial backing.


Quintrans is advancing its Hyperloop technology, developing a 30-meter pilot setup in Pune, and showcasing the prototype to authorities, including the Railway Ministry, NITI Aayog, and the Maharashtra government by the end of 2024.

Hyperloop Connectivity

Quintrans is developing India's hyperloop tech for the Pune-Mumbai route, talks for which have already begun with the Maharashtra government for deployment.

New Avenues

The startup is currently exploring alternative revenue streams in industries that require guided vehicle movement, especially in the logistics space, as the proposition for passenger hyperloops is expected to take at least another decade.

Future Plans

Quintrans aims to keep itself open to various other channels for generating revenue, its research to further develop the 30-metre track will continue. Also, the company is in talks with a few VCs to raise funds.

The Need For Speed: Pune-Based Startup Quintrans Wants To Bring Hyperloop To India