Praan's Filterless Air Purifiers Combating Worsening Air Quality Of India

Praan startup introduces Praan MKII, a 6.5 ft tall filterless industrial air purifier, creating safe breathing zones in polluted cities.

The idea behind Praan's tech is to purify large volumes of are in cities and factories, the air purifiers must be filterless. This would bring down the cost of ownership of these purifiers to near 0.

This would go very well with India's cost advantages, with low infrastructure costs and labor costs, making it a crucial hub for climate focussed country.

Praan's MKII started with a bootstrapped, DIY, garage-built prototype. As Founder, Angad Daryani was documenting this online, soon a team of 60 volunteers joined his team.

Praan's first functional air purifier came through with the help of a $15K unsecured loan from Naresh Shahani. The funding then stopped during the pandemic.

Praan, now, is backed by some of the most prominent investors in the ecosystem. The startup has raised around $2 Mn since 2021. They have plans to raise INR 120 Cr in series A. 

Praan is now working with India's Air Purifier Market, which is projected to surpass $1.16 Bn by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 28.51%.

How Praan’s Filterless Air Purifiers Are Helping India Combat Worsening Air Quality Levels