Edtech Unicorn PhysicsWallah Lays Off 120 Employees

Edtech unicorn PhysicsWallah (PW) has laid off around 70-120 employees.

Reports suggest that the lay-offs were a result of a cost-cutting exercise. While the company claims that layoffs were due to performance issues.

“For the cycle ending in October, less than 0.8% of our workforce, ranging from 70 to 120 individuals with performance concerns...", said CHRO Satish Khengre

"Our primary focus remains on fostering a dynamic, high-performing team.”, he further added.

Khegre also claims that PW is planning to hire an additional 1,000 employees in the next six months.

Edtech Unicorns have laid off 10000 employees since the start of 2022. Swipe up to learn more!