Paytm's Q4 FY24 Financial Report Card

Paytm's revenue dropped by 2.9% to INR 2,267 Cr, with a loss increase of 229% to INR 550.5 Cr.

Revenue Decline

Merchant Attrition

Active point of sale devices fell by 1 million, despite a slight increase in the merchant base.

RBI Restrictions

RBI barred Paytm Payments Bank from onboarding new users, halting new merchant additions.

Revenue Impact

Lower merchant additions and rental waivers affected subscription revenue; payments revenue rose by 7% to INR 1,568 Cr.

Merchant Subscription

Merchant subscription revenue was INR 1.07 Cr, up 58% YoY; per device revenue expected to stabilize at INR 80 in FY25.

Marketing Services

Marketing services revenue fell 23% quarterly to INR 395 Cr, a slight 1% drop from Q4 FY23.

Merchant Loans

 Q4 FY24 merchant loans were INR 1,671 Cr, down 53% from the previous quarter; Paytm plans cautious growth in lending.

Paytm Q4 FY24: Merchant Loans See 53% Drop; Active PoS Base Shrinks