Paytm’s 3 Focal Areas To Achieve Profitbaility

Paytm is looking to protect the bottom line by reducing expenses, which could have a bigger role to play in terms of bringing the company into the black.


In the earnings call, CEO Sharma told shareholders and analysts that Paytm will continue to add more machine learning and AI capabilities to its platform, and reduce its demand for workforce.

Paytm nearly 2X its merchant subscription base from 56 Lakh in December 2022 to 1.06 Cr, including 14L devices added in the month. Paytm earns INR 100 to INR 500 per month per device.

Merchant Services

This is important because as the zero merchant discount rate rules are withdrawn soon, the revenue from merchant transactions will be vital for the company.

Paytm is eyeing growth in the insurance distribution business, also part of financial services.


It is offering embedded insurance and DIY products to Paytm consumers, and will focus on its merchant ecosystem for business insurance solutions

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