Over 50,000 People Left Jobless By Delhi Govt’s New Policy?

Delhi Govt's Aggregator Policy left 50,000+ bike taxi drivers unemployed, claims Bike Taxi Union 

The Union said that the new policy only allows only fully-electric bike taxis on the roads.

The Union compared Delhi Govt to big corporations, stating that this policy is very similar to the mass layoffs done by Amazon and Facebook. 

The Association claimed that despite numerous appeals to authorities, no action was taken on bike taxi drivers' grievances. 

They added that 4,000 drivers appealed before the LG office in October, and the policy was drafted without their input.

The Association claimed that bike taxi drivers neither have the money to buy ebikes nor are there EVs available in the market. 

The drivers said harsh measures such as allowing only EV bike taxis in the national capital would snatch away their livelihoods.

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