D2C Startup Minimalist's 5-Step Playbook To INR 100 Cr Revenue

Focus On Product R&D, Differentiation

To avoid commoditization in a crowded market, brands must prioritize product R&D.

Pricing The Product High Is Fine

In India's price-sensitive market, brands often reverse-engineer prices, starting with the desired price and working backward to determine costs and margins.

Choose Hero Products Wisely For Global Markets

When going global, one should keep a tab on things like trends, seasons and other elements. 

Keep Marketing Costs In Check From Day 1

Even if the percentage of marketing costs remains the same overall over a period of time, a D2C brand must push for branding activities rather than performance marketing.

Turn Customers Into Brand Evangelists

Good brands have loyal customers, and many have actually experienced products/services that exceeded their expectations. 

How D2C Brand Minimalist Built An INR 100 Cr Business Within Eight Months Of Inception