Meet The Brand Helping Startups And Big Cos Become Sustainable

Established in 2015, MYNUSCo's journey began with a mission to reduce carbon footprints in the automotive industry, evolving into a trailblazer in sustainable consumer products.

From Concept to Creation

Adapting to Adversity

Pandemic challenges led MYNUSCo to pivot from automotive to consumer goods and launch consumer brand Eha brand, providing eco-friendly products for everyday use.

Collaborative Sustainability

MYNUSCo has partnered with industry leaders like Renault Nissan and Kurlon to transition industries towards sustainability.

Sustainability and Profitability

Bootstrapped, MYNUSCo achieves EBITDA positivity in FY24 while adhering to stringent sustainability principles.

Charting the Future

MYNUSCo is eyeing global expansion and aims to establish the world's first biocomposite cluster.

How Biomaterials Startup MYNUSCo Is Helping Enterprises Become Truly Sustainable