Meet The Brand Aiming To Shake Up India’s Faith Market

Indian Spiritual Market  

India's spiritual market reached $58.56 Bn in 2023, predicted to grow at 10% CAGR until 2032.

What is Japam?

Founded in 2022 by Ritoban Chakrabarti, Japam offers spiritual jewellery, wearables, and decor.

Expanding Product Portfolio  

From Rudraksha wearables to gold-plated ornaments, Japam claims to have served over 3 Lakh customers since 2022, with monthly sales to 35K customers.

Disrupting the Faith Market

Japam's unique designs and focus on authenticity set it apart in the Rudraksha market.

Future Expansion

With online success, Japam eyes Amazon, Myntra, and offline ventures, supported by upcoming seed funding.

How D2C Brand Japam Wants To Shake Up India’s Spiritual Products Market