Meet India’s Fastest Growing Snack Brand 

Beyond Snack Origin 

Manas Madhu's journey into healthy snacking began with jackfruit-based mock meat and pivoted to banana chips, leading to Beyond Snack in 2018.

Differentiating Factor

Beyond Snack crafts its banana chips from Nendran variety bananas, sourced directly from farmers and retaining natural nutrients through a quick preparation process under two minutes.


Headquartered in Kerala, Beyond Snack strategically places its warehouses in Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata to serve customers nationwide with a presence in over 10K retail outlets..

Expansion Plans

Beyond Snack aims to double its revenue this year and expand nationwide, aspiring to attain Lay's-like eminence in the banana chips market with a revenue target of INR 100 Cr by FY25.

Beyond Snack Offers A Flavourful And Guilt-Free Snacking Option