Lawyer Desk Brings AI-Powered Assistant To Legal Industry

What is Lawyer Desk?

Visakhapatnam-based Lawyer Desk is transforming the Indian legal sector with GenAI technology, founded in 2023 by A S L Ganapathi Kumar and Anushita Karunakaram.

Founders' Vision

Kumar's vision aims to empower citizens by making legal assistance accessible, addressing the lack of awareness about basic rights among the general public.

Innovative Platforms 

Lawyer Desk launched Advocase for lawyers, with Prajalok, CaseWork, and LawBook in development to assist citizens, SMEs, and law students.

Gamification Of Legal Studies

MootCourt will offer an immersive experience for law students to practice real-time case analysis through AI simulations and avatars.

Global and Local Competition

Lawyer Desk competes with global players like Casetext and, while aiming to elevate legal work quality in India with GenAI tools.

Future Plans and Expansion

With a planned phase-wise launch by end-2024, Lawyer Desk seeks funding to enhance features like voice capabilities and Indian language support, and expand globally.

How Lawyer Desk Is Giving The Legal Industry A GenAI Tweak