Know Why Is Mamaearth IPO Going On Hold?

By Team Inc42

D2C Ecommerce Unicorn Mamaearth Has Reportedly Put Its Initial Public Offering (IPO) on Hold Due to Weak Market Conditions

Mamaearth Is on Wait and Watch Mode With Regards to Its IPO Due to the Volatility in the Global Stock Market: Report

Mamaearth Said It Is Awaiting Formal Approval From SEBI for Its DRHP and It Would Have 12 Months To File RHP and Take the Company Public

As per the Report, Mamaearth Was Looking To Raise $200 Mn-$300 Mn Through the Public Offer

However, Mamaearth Said That Pricing and Valuations Will Be Discovered as Part of Marketing Roadshows and the Company Is Not Focused on Short-Term Valuations