Key Trends Shaping Healthtech Sector In 2024

Stagnation In Funding

Startups bridging healthcare gaps, will themselves need more bridge rounds. 

GLP1s To Become Common

GLP1s were already an INR 300 Cr market last year in India, growing at ~100% YoY

More B2B Startups To Sell To Hospitals 

Usually, India has been bad for B2B healthcare startups, this year we can see a reverse as we may see tech enhancements powered by PEs.

D2C Stories From 2023 Will Become A Playbook

Mamaearth IPO has now set a template for consumer brands to go omnichannel, hit profitability and enter public markets. 

Investor Interest In AI-First Healthcare Startups

2024 will see increased interest in AI-first startups which leverage global healthcare-specific LLMs, Vernacular language models, etc

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