Kashmir Bat Makers Look To Sue Shark Tank India, Sony

Kashmir-based cricket bat manufacturer Alfa Sports & Co has sought INR 500 Cr in damages in a notice sent to Sony Entertainment and two participants in the show. 

The legal notice, a copy of which has been seen by Inc42, names Saad Tramboo and Hamad Tramboo, cofounders of Tramboo Sports Pvt Ltd in it. 

The duo pitched on Shark Tank India’s season 3 in an episode that aired on January 30 and got INR 30 Lakhs from Aman Gupta & Peyush Bansal for 4% equity. 

Alfa sports says that Tramboo Sports pvt Ltd’s on-air claims of being the sole manufacturers of Lite Willow Bats in the valley, are false. 

Additionally, Alfa Sports and others have been manufacturing bats like these for several years, while Tramboo doesn't even have a manufacturing facility, according to the notice.  

Alfa Sports is one of the vendors of Tramboo, that sells them bats directly, which they claim to have the invoices for as well, according to a spokesperson for the Cricket Bat Manufacturers Association of Kashmir.

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