Is Zomato Stock Losing Its Charm?

Zomato's Intriguing Journey

Zomato, a 2021 IPO, saw major highs and lows, with initial market enthusiasm fading quickly.

Crash and Comeback

After a sharp decline in late 2021, Zomato rebounded by March 2023 as it neared profitability.

Record Profits and Market Cap

Zomato's market cap hit $20B, ending FY24 with record profits of INR 351 Cr ($40M).

Stock Volatility

The stock peaked at INR 207 in May, then dropped over 11%, hitting INR 146.85 during June trading.

Challenges Ahead

Blinkit's expansion worries investors as Reliance and Flipkart add competitive pressure in quick commerce.

Investor Sentiment

Analysts advise patience for potential 2X or 3X growth, despite short-term volatility and high investment needs.

Future Outlook

Zomato must balance growth with profitability amid competition and market challenges.

Zomato’s Up-And-Down Ride: Is The Stock Losing Its Charm?