Edtech Layoffs In  2022

 BYJU’S cited duplication of roles and the resulting restructuring as the primary reason for firing 2,500 employees.

Consumer Services Layoffs In 2022

Among the 10 startup segments in India that saw at least one layoff in 2022, edtech, consumer services and ecommerce fired the maximum number of employees.

Ecommerce Layoffs In 2022

Amazon, too, followed suit, and media reports suggest that the ecommerce giant may fire as many as 10,000 employees globally, with hundreds of Indian workers in the possible line of fire. 

Fintech Layoffs In  2022

 A handful of consumer-facing segments, including ecommerce, consumer services, edtech and fintech, leveraged digital technologies to cater to the public demand for value, convenience and safety.

Healthtech, Enterprisetech & Others  Layoffs In  2022

17,989 employees were laid off by 52 Indian startups, including several unicorns and soonicorns