Indian Govt Developing ChatGPT Like Complaint Resolution Platform

By Team Inc42

The Indian government is reportedly developing a ChatGPT-like chatbot helpline to serve as a grievance redressal system, aiming to help users converse in multiple Indian languages through audio messages.

The proposed chatbot differs from a previous government-launched chatbot, as it will be conversational rather than offering users a list of options to choose from.

The government's Bhashini platform will handle the language translation aspect of the new chatbot, but a suitable large language model (LLM) that understands specific consumer issues and laws is yet to be identified.

Domain-specific LLMs are better at understanding context and nuances, but their performance depends on factors like training data size and quality, model architecture, and pre- and post-processing techniques.

Existing LLMs like ChatGPT and Google's Bard have issues, such as providing false information or "hallucinations" when faced with unfamiliar questions or facts.

It is unclear if the government plans to rent an LLM from a provider like OpenAI or build one from scratch, and the government is not currently considering regulating AI growth in India.