How Venture Debt Is Revolutionizing Early Stage Funding in India: Inc42 Resources

Well-performing startups are proactively using venture debt to extend their runway, meet milestones, and negotiate better equity outcomes. The strategic use of debt is helping founders steer through capital-intensive growth phases efficiently.

Venture Debt & Early Stage Financing

Venture debt bridges companies to bank financing, aligning risk and returns efficiently in high-interest environments. It offers short-term cash flow for investors, with equity kickers enhancing potential returns.

Appeal Of Venture Debt

The appeal of venture debt lies in its ability to provide capital with minimal equity dilution, making it an attractive proposition for founders.

Increasing Adoption

Venture debt, once for late-stage unicorns, is now embraced by firms in all funding stages, from seed to pre-IPO. With rising popularity among Indian startups, it's evolving into an asset class, especially as alternatives like revenue-based financing gain traction.

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