How uEngage Is Aiming To Become The Shopify Of Hyperlocal Space 


uEngage is a seller-side app, that provides online ordering solutions to restaurants, cloud kitchens, grocery stores, and meat/fish sellers and helps them save on aggregator commissions. 

For Sellers

The startup offers three tech solutions to its users, namely Edge, Flash, and Prism. These tools enable restaurants to create custom ordering apps, manage deliveries efficiently and automate marketing efforts. 


uEngage serves restaurants, quick-service restaurants (QSRs), salons and wellness centers, cafes, food courts, grocery stores, cashless campuses,  D2C businesses, breweries, and cloud kitchens.

uEngage's Tech Stack

uEngage EDGE

Edge with its tech platform, offers mobile apps, SEO websites, WhatsApp, and Kiosk ordering. It provides digital catalogs, QR codes, diverse payment methods, and loyalty programs.

uEngage PRISM

The startup streamlines marketing campaigns to engage customers effectively. It is a platform designed to enhance marketing strategies and foster customer loyalty across diverse channels.

uEngage Flash

Flash tool optimizes delivery operations with AI-powered solutions and real-time tracking. It specializes in last-mile delivery and tracking.

uEngage Arc

uEngage Arc streamlines tasks like attendance, appointment booking, and inventory control. 

How Chandigarh-Based uEngage Is Liberating F&B Sellers From The High Commission Trap