How Google-Backed Slang Labs' AI Voice Assistant Redefining App Engagement?

Slang Labs

The startup aims to reduce thought-to-action latency by using the power of voice inside apps, through its conversational in-app voice assistant platform (

How Does Slang Labs Help Brands?

The startup specialises in providing multilingual in-app voice assistant technology to ecommerce players and brands with native online stores. 

Other Services

Slang Labs' search copilot aids users in-app navigation, information retrieval, and transactions, expediting tasks like checking statements or making purchases.


In the conversational AI space, the startup competes with the likes of Observe.AI,,, and ConveGenius, among others.'s In-app Experience

Gen AI-powered multilingual copilot for apps, delivers in-app salesperson experience, mimicking offline interactions. Ideal for retail, ecommerce, banking, fintech, and insurance sectors.

How Google Backed Slang Labs’ AI Voice Assistant Is Changing The Way We Interact With Apps