How SkyServe Is Revolutionising Space Data Processing With AI

The Genesis Of SkyServe

SkyServe was founded to address the lack of computational power in traditional satellites due to high launch costs and complex components.

Challenges in Space

Challenges include risks of failure, power dependencies, connectivity issues, and harsh space environments, making ground-based data processing preferable.

Innovative Solutions

SkyServe developed STORM, an edge computation platform using AI to process data from various sensors for applications across multiple industries.

Partnerships and Deployments

SkyServe collaborates with satellite operators and OEMs to deploy AI in space, enhancing geospatial analytics and solutions for various applications.

Mission Highlights

SkyServe has undertaken over 16 missions, including notable ones like Denali and Matterhorn, demonstrating capabilities like error correction and vegetation identification.

Revenue Model

SkyServe provides AI-as-a-Service, charging customers based on data coverage and insights frequency, offering significant cost reduction and real-time inferencing.

Future Plans

SkyServe plans to expand its missions and client base, with a focus on the APAC region and increased awareness of geospatial imaging capabilities.

How SkyServe Is Bringing Real-Time Analytics To Satellite Data Processing