How Reliance Owned Zivame Cracked The Omnichannel Code

The Beginning

Richa Kar and Kapil Karekar founded Zivame to revolutionize how women in India shop for lingerie.

Challenges and Leadership Changes

Despite initial success, Zivame faced financial challenges. In 2017, Richa Kar left, and under COO Lavanya Pachisia, the leadership aimed for profitability.


By 2016, Zivame shifted from an aggregator to a private label. In 2020, Reliance Retail acquired it for $160 million.

Achieving Profitability

Under COO Lavanya Pachisia, Zivame reduced losses and achieved record revenue of INR 221.85 Cr in FY22, with all sales channels profitable by FY23.

Omnichannel Expansion

Post-acquisition, Zivame expanded its offline presence, especially in Tier II and III cities, enhancing its omnichannel strategy.

Innovative Product Lines

Zivame focuses on inclusivity and innovation, offering products like True Curve for curvier women and mastectomy bras for cancer survivors.

Future Prospects

Aiming for a balanced 50:50 online-offline revenue ratio while continuing to educate consumers on the importance of the right fit and self-expression.

How Reliance Owned Lingerie Brand Zivame Cracked The Omnichannel Code