How OpenAI Backed Is Solving GenAI For Indian enables companies to develop, launch, maintain and iterate their GenAI apps and features with agility. 


At the core of lies the startup’s vision to help businesses in the management and oversight of their GenAI solutions.


Since its incorporation, the company has been able to onboard as many as 15 clients, including names like Turing, Haptik, Postman, Quizizz, Springworks, and Merlin, among others.

Tech Stack

The startup operates a control panel called AI gateway, which acts as an interface between the apps of its clients and hosting LLMs like OpenAI’s ChatGPTs or Google’s Gemini, among others. 

Way Ahead For PortKey

The business is fairly horizontal at the moment, the company foresees an increased adoption of their product going ahead. Three months out of the beta phase, the startup is currently focused on strengthening its  LLMOps stack, ramping up the go-to-market strategy, and hiring. 

How Is Steering Indian Enterprises Through The GenAI Maze