How OnFinance Is Transforming Banking & Financial Institutions With GenAI

OnFinance is revolutionising financial workflows with AI copilots. Founded in 2022 by Anuj Srivastava, it leverages GenAI solutions for efficiency.

What Is OnFinance ?

Partnerships & Specializations

OnFinance collaborates with major banks, asset managers, and insurance companies, specialising in AI copilots tailored for research, relationship management, and more.

Genesis of OnFinance

Founder Srivastava's vision stemmed from the need to optimise workflows, leading to the birth of OnFinance in 2022.

Competitive Edge

OnFinance's proprietary vertical LLM, NeoGPT, ensures data privacy and security, setting it apart in AI solutions.

Funding & Expansion

Securing $1.1 Mn in seed funding, OnFinance develops copilots for research and client management.

Future Plans

Plans include expanding product offerings, increasing presence in India, and raising another funding round.

How OnFinance Is Changing The Way Banking & Financial Institutions Function