How Nirmalaya is Turning Floral Waste into Sustainable Solutions

Origin Story

Rajeev Bansal's inspiration from Shirdi leads to the founding of Nirmalaya, a brand recycling floral waste into incense and more.


Nirmalaya stands out with its charcoal-free, handmade incense sticks and cones, infused with natural essential oils for eco-friendly and health-conscious consumers.

Empowering Women

The startup empowers 40 underprivileged women in Delhi NCR, who manually sort and process flower petals, contributing to a sustainable production model.

Innovative Process 

Nirmalaya's patented recycling process, recognized by CSIR, ensures the thorough purification of flower waste, leading to high-quality products.

Growth Trajectory

After being featured on Shark Tank Season 2, Nirmalaya claims to have achieved 50% YoY revenue growth in FY23.

Nirmalaya Makes Charcoal-Free Incense From Floral Waste To Reduce Health Hazards, Pollution