How NeuroPixel.AI's Tech Stack Is Changing Fashion With AI


NeuroPixel.AI offers AI-enabled fashion cataloging, synthetic model generation, and virtual try-ons. 

The Tech Stack

NeuroPixel.AI, uses synthetic model generation technology to improve customer experiences. With this tech, it helps businesses create precise 3D models of their products. 

Enhancing Customer Experience

This allows customers to see how products look and fit before making a purchase. This increases their confidence in the product, leading to higher conversion rates.  

Revenue Source

The startup’s business model revolves around charging customers on a pay-per-image basis, with discounts offered for larger volumes. However, within the next three months, it plans to transition to a subscription model.

Cost Per Service?

For standard catalogue shoots, the cost ranges from INR 600 to 900 per item for four to five catalogue images (front and back).

NeuroPixel's Clients

The startup counts Myntra, Fabindia, Van Heusen, The Pant Project, Decathlon, Yukio,, Soch, and Styli as its clients.

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