How Naksh Is Crafting A Bed Linen Brand For New Age Indians

Direct-to-Consumer Transformation

The D2C wave is reshaping various industries, including home essentials like bed and bath linen.

Spotting A Market Gap

Shakeef Khan identified a gap in the bed and bath linen market dominated by small manufacturers and legacy brands lacking innovative designs.

Birth Of Naksh

In 2021, Khan launched Naksh to offer high-quality, minimalist bed and bath linen, targeting new-age homemakers with vibrant colors.

Experienced Leadership

With prior experience from Bewakoof and the support of textile veteran Ajay Vaish, Khan secured INR 1.5 Cr seed capital to kickstart Naksh in September 2022.

Market Strategy 

Naksh targets the mass premium segment, leveraging limited marketing on Amazon and Flipkart to reduce customer acquisition costs.

Challenges And Competition

Despite initial success, Naksh faces competition from startups like Wakefit and Haus & Kinder, aiming to capture the young audience in the cluttered online market.

Future Expansion

To achieve profitability, Naksh plans to expand offline, partnering with regional distributors and retail chains, aiming for INR 1 Cr in monthly sales.

Decoding Naksh’s Formula To Stitch A Bed Linen Brand For New Age Indians