How MyMuse Is Breaking Taboos In India's Sexual Wellness Sector

The Genesis

MyMuse was founded in 2021 by Sahil and Anushka, who met in 2018 through mutual friends and shared a marketing background.

Identifying The Gap

Noticing stagnation in mental and sexual wellness, they decided to address this gap with their entrepreneurial venture.

Initial Steps

Started as a sexual education content platform. Realized that content alone wouldn't change perceptions, so they built a sustainable brand.

Building The Brand

They aimed to normalize intimacy and sexual wellness, tackling social stigma and shady product associations.

Product Launches

Launched massage oil in June 2021, then expanded to candles, lubricants, and massagers. Targeting both men and women.

Innovation And Development

Used in-house Shark Tank-like competitions for new ideas and beta testing community of 250 users who provides feedback.

Financial Challenges

Lost INR 2.41 Cr in FY23 despite growing revenues to INR 14.90 Cr. Achieved profitability in late FY24.

Future Roadmap

Plans to enter the couples category, addressing needs beyond solo play. Navigates India's obscenity laws carefully.

How MyMuse Is Changing India’s Perception Towards Sexual Wellness