How Kroop AI Is Solving The Deepfake Problem Of The World

Idea Genesis

Kroop AI, established in early 2021, is among India's pioneering GenAI startups dedicated to addressing the deepfake threat. Its tools empower users to discern between AI-generated and real media content.

Role of Kroop AI

It goes without saying that with the boom of GenAI platforms that can create video, audio, and images at the cues of a few prompts, the risk of deepfake has increased, and players like Kroop AI have a major role to play.

More Than Just Deepfake Detector

Kroop AI develops advanced AI solutions, including a text-to-video platform with digital avatars, allowing users to create videos in multiple languages from text input.

Languages Supported

Kroop AI’s video generation platform supports over 25 languages, including English, French, Korean, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam.

Monetisation Strategy

Kroop AI offers three pricing tiers: $12/month with 15 free minutes and limited features, $60/month with 80 free minutes and full access, and a customizable option.

How Kroop AI Is On A Mission To Free The World From The Deepfake Pandemic