How KOGO AI Is Changing Travel Industry With AI

Genesis of KOGO AI

KOGO AI was built to address travel industry challenges using AI, launching its first product in February 2020.

Overcoming Adversity

Despite the pandemic, the team developed an AI mobility stack for top automobile manufacturers, enhancing rider engagement.

Strategic Partnerships

Kogo AI collaborated with Hero, TVS, Bajaj, KTM, and Jawa, improving travel experiences and community engagement through AI.

Funding Boost

In 2022, MapmyIndia invested INR 10 Cr, giving KOGO AI access to advanced mapping technology for further development.

Creation of KOGO OS 

KOGO OS, an AI travel expert, was developed to plan travel and book accommodations, using large action models (LAM).

Broad Applications

KOGO OS handles customer queries autonomously and supports various industries with quick-build custom AI agents.

Future Plans

KOGO AI supports 14 POCs across industries and plans to expand to the Middle East, Latin America, and ASEAN markets.

How MapmyIndia Backed KOGO AI is Helping Enterprises Build Custom AI Agents