Justbaat.AI's Disruptive Influence on Content Creation in Media


Justbaat.AI's console offers eight video creation options: generating videos from news URLs, raw text, scripts, videos, or audio clips. It also converts real-time topics into AI-generated news videos and audio news into video format.

AI News Anchor

The platform features an AI-generated news anchor, customisable by users and capable of speaking in multiple languages with different voice modulations.

How Is Justbaat.AI Helping Enterprises?

A minute-long video can cost a company INR 5,000, and Justbaat reduces this cost to INR 50 per minute.

Revenue Model

A user can utilize the Justbaat console free of cost for 30 videos with the Justbaat watermark. Following its free offerings, the company charges a nominal fee.

Subscription Cost

It charges INR 10,000 per month for 200 video minutes per month to INR 1.2 Lakh for 4,000 monthly video minutes. It also offers clothing options for anchors, and custom templates, among other things. 

Here’s How Justbaat.AI Is Disrupting Mainstream Media With Its AI Assistants