How Is Zomato-Owned Blinkit Performing In The Quick Commerce Race?

According to a consumer sentiment analysis by Inc42 and Clootrack, Blinkit managed to outdo competitors in customer service and acquire more users, but Zepto and Instamart were not far behind.

Blinkit’s contribution margin, as a percentage of gross order value (GOV), in the overall business further improved to 2.4% in Q3 FY24 from 1.3% in Q2 FY24.

Blinkit clocked revenue of INR 644 Cr in Q3 FY24 as against INR 505 Cr in Q2 FY24. The adjusted EBITDA loss reduced to INR 89 Cr .

But even though Blinkit may seem critical to Zomato’s business now, the fact is it is considerably smaller than Swiggy’s Instamart and Zepto on revenue scale.

While Zomato is shaping for profitability, Swiggy's public debut and Zepto's laser-sharp focus on sole quick commerce could change the tides for Blinkit

Swiggy and Zepto's public listing dreams could also ask for a Zomato-like profitability approach from them, putting the onus on Blinkit to prove that slow revenue will be a temporary phase as the focus is on profitability.

Blinkit CEO recently stated that they have plans to venture into an Urban Company/Home-repairs type space in the near future. 

Could this trumpcard of Blinkit push Blinkit’s revenue past its quick commerce rivals in the next year?