How Gramiyaa Is Making Cold-Pressed Edible Oils Popular Again

Refined Oils vs. Cold-Pressed Oils

Refined oils' drawbacks led to a demand for healthier alternatives like cold-pressed oils, rich in nutrients and free from artificial processing.

Gramiyaa's Inception

Founded in 2017, Gramiyaa produces high-quality, preservative-free oils, inspired by traditional methods and family heritage.

Vertically Integrated Approach

Gramiyaa ensures quality by sourcing raw materials directly from farmers and maintaining control over manufacturing and distribution.

Market Expansion

Recognizing demand beyond Trichy, Gramiyaa pivoted to a D2C model, expanding online and internationally, including the US market.


Gramiyaa's recent funding success, including investments from Homegrown Ventures and SBI.

Future Growth

With plans for market expansion, brand building, and product diversification, Gramiyaa aims to compete with industry giants while staying true to its health-focused ethos.

How Gramiyaa Is Bringing Cold-Pressed Edible Oils Back In Vogue With Its D2C Playbook