How Gen AI Is Revolutionizing Government Operations with LLM

 What is Generative AI?

Generative AI, driven by Large Language Models (LLMs), is moving from personal use to disrupting professional fields. Businesses use AI for personalized services.

Government Adoption

Governments are exploring AI for policy analysis and communication, aiming for better-informed and effective public services.

Enhancing Public Services

Generative AI improves public service delivery by automating and enhancing responsiveness and efficiency in operations.

Improving Citizen Interaction

AI chatbots and call centers, like IRCTC's DISHA, revolutionize citizen-government interactions, aiding in ticket purchases and complaint filing.

Analytical Proficiency

AI excels in analyzing large datasets, identifying trends, and aiding evidence-based policy decisions, improving overall governmental planning.

Enhancing Communication

LLMs streamline government correspondence, translate communications, and ensure vital information is accessible to all citizens.

Legal and Crisis Management

AI assists in legal document management, ensuring compliance, and aids in crisis management by providing real-time updates and resource allocation during disasters.

Steering The Future: How Generative AI Is Revolutionising Public Services