How Cosmix Wellness Is Transforming Health with Herbal Expertise

Early Beginnings

Vibha's struggle with PCOS led to Cosmix's inception, aiming for reliable health solutions in an industry riddled with misinformation.

Founding Vision

Harish's herbalism study and collaboration with experts birthed Cosmix, prioritizing safety, trust, and scientific accuracy.

Product Launch

Cosmix began with six SKUs, now offering 15, with protein supplements driving 50% of sales and high web traffic from major cities.

Financial Milestones

Bootstrapped Cosmix saw INR 30 Cr revenue in FY24, with repeat customers contributing 45% of top-line revenue, marking a significant growth from FY23.

Manufacturing Challenges

Lacking manufacturing experience, Cosmix invested INR 60 Lakh, extensively traveling to understand the process and ensure high-quality standards.

Unique Selling Points

Cosmix stands out with superior-grade plant proteins, natural ingredients replacing artificial ones, and a proprietary herb blend for better digestion.

Future Goals

Cosmix aims for INR 75 Cr revenue in FY25, focusing on expanding the product range, enhancing R&D.

How Cosmix Wellness Is Revolutionising The Plant-Based Supplement Market In India