How CodeMate Is Becoming The Grammarly Of Coding


CodeMate aids developers in shipping quality code faster by assisting them in writing, fixing, and maintaining their codebase

CodeMate's Tech Stack

DeBug Code Feature

With this developers can analyse their code across multiple test cases, receiving detailed fixes and error descriptions to achieve the desired output efficiently.

Refactor Code

CodeMate simplifies code maintenance through its Refactor Code functionality, eliminating redundant and error-prone sections to ensure production-ready code.

CRUD Assistance

It also helps perform CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) operations, generate automated documentation, and integrate with Git repositories, all within a developer’s existing coding environment.

VS Code Extension

VS Code Extension seamlessly integrates with codebases and leverages deep organizational knowledge, transforming the coding experience.

Revenue Model

CodeMate is now generating revenue with its subscription-based model, offering individual subscriptions starting at $30 per month and standard team subscriptions priced at $37 a month.

What’s Next For CodeMate?

CodeMate aims to broaden its scope beyond mere code generation or modification, providing a comprehensive solution for developers’ needs.

How CodeMate Aspires To Become The Grammarly Of Coding