How Can GenAI Impact The Indian Startup Ecosystem?

Marketing & Advertising

Ad Copy Text Generation, Branding Creatives, Email Marketing, Customer Targeting/Personalisation, Custom Client Campaign Report Generation, No-Code Website/App Development


Customer Support, Customer Targeting/Personalisation, No-Code Website/App Development, Product, Image/ Video Generation, Marketing And Advertising


AI Tutor, Customised Learning Materials, Automated Assignment Review, Automated Note Making, Customer Support, Marketing And Sales, No-Code Website/App Development


Personalised Invested Recommendation, Customer Support, Marketing And Advertising, Marketing And Sales, Custom Market Performance Report Generation, No-Code Website/App Development


Drug Discovery/ R&D, Customer Support, Lab Test Report Generation, Marketing And Advertising, No-Code Website/App Development, Personalised Health Recommendation Based On Patients Medical History.

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