How Boltzmann Reviving Drug Discovery India With GenAI

Reviving Drug Discovery

Speaking with Kolli, founder & CEO of Boltzmann, addresses India's shrinking drug discovery landscape. Boltzmann aims to enhance the industry with tech, reducing risks & improving clinical trial success.

Boltzmann’s AI Stack

Initially a community, running a year-long experiment and research related to problems in drug discovery, Boltzmann started developing its first product BoltChem in 2020. 


BoltChem platform combines open-source and proprietary models for designing novel drugs, reducing time to predict properties and explore chemical space. 

Product Line

The startup has four more platforms — ReBolt, BoltPro, BoltBio, and ClinBolt. 


Boltzmann has built models, utilizing the open-source LLMs and other GenAI models. It has leveraged protein language models such as ESM, developed by Meta and Google DeepMind’s AlphaFold2 to build the platforms.

How Do They Make Money?

The startup has three means of revenue generation, including its SaaS & a fee-for-service model. Besides, it also partners with other biotech and pharma companies in drug development for particular diseases.

Future Plans

The startup is looking to collaborate with top international players in the larger drug discovery space, which is dominated by the likes of Pfizer, GSK, and Eli Lilly.

How Boltzmann Is Using GenAI To Speed Up Drug Discovery In India