How Blinkit Became A Winning Bet For Zomato

Recent Financials

Zomato's Q4 FY24 financials reveal that Blinkit had clocked revenue of INR 769 Cr, compared to INR 363 Cr in the year-ago period, demonstrating the success of Zomato's strategic investment.

Blinkit’s GOV Nearly Doubles

Blinkit's GOV surged 97% YoY to INR 4,027 Cr in Q4 FY24, reflecting a successful strategic investment.

Reaching Profitability Milestone

Blinkit achieved adjusted EBITDA positivity in March 2024, showcasing financial success.

Expansion of Blinkit Stores

With 75 new stores in Q4 FY24, bringing the total to 526, Blinkit's network expansion is paying off.

Diverse Product Range Boosts Sales

Blinkit’s introduction of high-demand items like iPhones and PS5 consoles enhanced its market appeal.

Focus on Reliable Service

75% of Blinkit's orders were delivered within a two-minute window, emphasizing their commitment to reliability.

Future Plans

Blinkit plans to expand to 1,000 stores by FY25 and diversify services, continuing its growth trajectory.

Blinkit Takes Off: How Zomato’s Quick Commerce Bet Delivered In FY24