How Is Changing The Music Industry Forever uses AI to generate background music for creators, making it easy and affordable to license royalty-free music for videos, podcasts, and games.

Genesis Of 

The genesis of stemmed from the founders’ recognition of a vast demand for original, royalty-free music suitable for commercial use — a market segment they had long desired to address. 

Target Market targets professional content creators, especially individual YouTubers focusing on travel videos, often working in small teams. This "prosumer" market is crucial for Beatoven's initial strategy.


Beatoven introduced a new feature charging users $3 per minute for downloads or offering a $6 monthly subscription for up to 15 minutes of content per month. They incentivize subscriptions for users.

Exclusive Artist Collaborations

Beatoven leverages personal connections within the music industry to source a vast amount of data within a short timeframe.

How Is Disrupting The Music Industry With AI & Exclusive Artist Collaborations