How Basil Is Disrupting The India's School Lunchbox Market

Market Potential

India’s houseware market will hit INR 50K Cr by 2027, with school lunchboxes primed for disruption.

Market Gaps

Dominated by Tupperware and Milton, the market lacks innovation, offering dull and unsafe plastic lunchboxes.

Founders' Inspiration

Harini and Mahesh founded Basil in 2023, inspired by their struggle to find appealing lunchboxes for their kids.

Basil's Mission

Basil crafts stylish, non-toxic, and spill-proof lunchboxes, focusing on innovation and quality.

Early Success

Launched in March 2024, Basil expanded to 25 products, earning INR 22 Lakh in the first month with 5,000+ customers.


Basil’s products are assembly-heavy and take more manufacturing time, posing a production challenge.

Future Plans

Aiming for INR 100 Cr ARR before international expansion, with plans to diversify into other school products.

How D2C Brand Basil Aspires To Take On Tupperware & Milton In The Indian Lunchbox Segment