Zerodha and Groww have become pioneers of innovation in Indian stockbroking. Let’s compare the two:


Zerodha started as a stockbroking platform in 2010, while Groww was founded in 2016 as a mutual fund investment platform

Funding And Investors

Groww raised $390 Mn from Tiger Global, Ribbit Capital, Peak XV, etc. whereas Zerodha is bootstrapped

Zerodha is valued at $3.6 Bn

Groww is valued at  $3 Bn

Groww's user base is 6.6 Mn +

Zerodha's user base is 6.48 Mn +

Customer acquisition 

Zerodha's strategy centers on organic growth and tech-driven customer support, while Groww adopts a Gen-Z-focused approach through extensive marketing campaigns.

Services Offered

Both are discount brokers offering trading, loans, and gold investment. Zerodha also provides niche services like coin trading and educational programs through Varsity.

Revenue Source

90% of Zerodha's revenue, and 80% of Groww's, are from active retail investors. The rest of Groww’s revenue comes from equity trading and SIPs.