What Do Industry Leaders Think About The Growing GenAI Landscape of India

"GenAI Is As Big As The Mobile Revolution"

Technical Cofounder & Head Of Engineering,  Ema Unlimited

Souvik Sen

"AI has the potential to alter the operational landscape of enterprises at the fundamental level"

CTO & Cofounder, Jithendra Vepa

Jithendra Vepa

"Ultimately innovation will come from small companies . They have focus, passion, mission and aren't subject to bureaucracy large enterprises are subjected to"

Partner, Stellaris Venture Partners

Alok Goyal

"We have just scratched the surface in terms of GenAI usecases"

Cofounder & Partner, Bharat Innovation Fund

Ashwin Raguraman

We have an opportunity to break our dependence on semiconductor imports and manufacturing on China and US. The real opportunity will be to use Gen AI for designing chips in India

Partner, Lightspeed India

Hemant Mohapatra

"With the help of GenAI, we are seeing a significant increase in personalisation in marketing"

Founder, Bobble AI

Ankit Prasad

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Abhijit Khasnis