From Desklamp To Clueso Using AI-Powered Video Automation

The Beginning

The Clueso founders started with Desklamp, a note-sharing tool for students and researchers.

Y Combinator Journey

Desklamp secured a spot in YC 2023, but group partners doubted its viability despite acknowledging the founders' skills.

Proving Viability

The team aimed to prove Desklamp's worth by finding paying users, gaining popularity among 25K university students.

Facing Reality

When their college refused to subscribe, the founders realized the need to pivot from Desklamp.

Pivot To Clueso

Inspired by YC’s advice, the founders tackled the challenge of creating efficient explainer videos, leading to Clueso.

Clueso’s Tech Stack

Clueso transforms screen recordings into polished videos using AI for transcription, script refinement, voiceover, and branding.

Success And Expansion

Clueso now serves over 150 companies globally, aiming to quintuple its client base while reducing video production costs.

How Clueso Is Deploying AI To Help Businesses Automate Video Production & Documentation