Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin Halving

What Is Bitcoin Halving?

Bitcoin halving, a pre-programmed occurrence after every 210,000 blocks, cut the mining reward in half.

When Was The First Bitcoin Halving?

Since the genesis of the first Bitcoin block on Jan 3, 2009, we’ve experienced 3 halving events so far. The initial reward of 50 Bitcoins per block has gradually decreased

When Is The Next Bitcoin Halving?

Block 839729 is currently mined, with 840,000 approaching in a day. At this milestone, Bitcoin's mining reward halves from 6.25 to 3.125 Bitcoins.

Summary Of Bitcoins Halving Till Date

Where Will Bitcoin Price Go Next?

According to various research reports, each of the Bitcoin halvings in the past was followed by three stages — a one-year bull market,  a one-year bear market, followed by a two-year stagnation.

Will The Halving Boost Altcoins? 

Siddarth Sogani, CREBACO believes that the altcoin markets will also experience an upsurge post-halving, given that Bitcoin’s dominance stands at around 53% of the total market cap. 

So Is Crypto Back In India?