Enterprisetech Startup Avaamo's GenAI Bet With Avaamo LLaMB

Security Concern For Enterprises

CIOs are eager for GenAI but cautious about LLMs handling company data, emphasizing the need for enterprise-grade accuracy and security.

Enterprises want Flexibility With LLMs

Enterprises want GenAI tools that understand precisely which information to surface as well as the organisation’s intricacies. This is a critical contributor of trust

Avaamo LLaMBs GenAI Playbook For Enterprises

Trust Architecture

Avaamo LLaMB ensures secure AI interactions with encryption and compliance standards, enhancing trust in enterprise data handling.

Dynamic Prompts

LLaMB minimizes developer burden with adaptive prompts, fostering accurate responses and supporting custom libraries.

Data Sync

The framework integrates seamlessly with diverse enterprise systems, offering connectors for structured, unstructured, or semi-structured data.

Data Moderator

Avaamo's AI monitors responses for accuracy and relevance, providing actionable insights to address weak or outdated information.

Flexible Adoption

CIOs can choose Avaamo's interface or integrate LLaMB as an API, enhancing flexibility and ensuring smoother adoption within existing workflows.

LLamB is debuting with a deployment at Wipro, which Cofounder and CEO Menon says is the largest GenAI deployment globally, addressing 40+ use-cases for more than 2 Lakh employees across the world. Read the full story at Inc42.

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