Dubdub.ai's AI Stack For India's Text To Speech Industry


 The startup provides audio professionals with the technology to generate voices with varied emotions. AI dubbing platform allows its users to record video and audio clips in more than 50 languages.

The Tech Stack

“We have an audio prompting module along with the text. Now you can give an audio prompt, and that audio will enable you to generate emotions in every aspect as humans can,” Dubdub.ai cofounder.

How Does Dubdub.ai Make Money?

Dubdub.ai generates revenue through two streams: self-serve subscriptions ($30-$100/month) and a service-based model, which charges 5-10 times more for personalized support.

Customer Base

The startup enjoys a customer base of over 250 users. Around 15 enterprises, including MPL, SnapChat, Kuku FM, Gameskraft, Britannia, and MG, currently use Dubdub.ai’s services.

Future Plans

While the cofounders did not reveal its current financial figures, Dubdub.ai aims to achieve an ARR of $100 Mn in the next two years. 

How Dubdub.ai Is Using Its Emotional AI Stack To Retune The Voiceover Industry