Deposit INR 80Cr For Overseas Travel, Delhi HC Orders Ashneer

Court's Directive

The Delhi High Court has ordered Ashneer Grover and his spouse Madhuri Jain Grover to deposit a security of INR 80 Cr for traveling abroad.

Security Ordered

Justice Subramonium Prasad directed the couple, accused of committing a fraud of INR 81 Cr at BharatPe, to furnish the security by way of property.

Surrender of Emirates Card

The court has asked the couple to surrender their Emirates Card to prevent them from fleeing to the UAE, as they are golden visa-holders.

Restriction on Share Rights

The couple has been restrained from creating any third-party rights on the shares of BharatPe they own.

Travel Permission

Despite objections, the court permitted Grover and Jain to travel to the US “separately” for their children’s summer school, with specific travel dates assigned.

Travel Schedule

Grover will travel to the US on May 26, returning on June 14, while Madhuri will leave on June 15 and return on July 1.

Fraud Allegations

Currently under investigation for fraud, the couple faces allegations of embezzling funds from BharatPe and making payments to fake HR consultancies.

‘Deposit INR 80 Cr Security’: Delhi HC’s Conditions For Ashneer Grover, Madhuri Jain To Travel Abroad